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Love that's lasted a lifetime

2nd November 2022 | 4 mins

Could this be Australia’s longest romance? Daphne and John Partridge’s 80 years’ of marriage is a rare and special feat of love, dance and longevity.

Love Story

The year is 1942: The world is at war. Singapore surrenders to Japanese forces. Duct tape is invented. Instant coffee is introduced. Classic films Casablanca and Bambi premiere. Bing Crosby releases White Christmas. And Daphne and John Partridge of Maitland NSW, both 18 years old, get married.

Fast forward to 2022: Still very much in love, Daph and John Partridge, now of Rutherford Park Care Community, celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary.

A romance that has truly lasted a lifetime.

In wedding anniversary gift lore, the 80th is oak. That staunch trunk of hardwood represents the strength and longevity of the union, as it does for our two love birds.

For Daph, it was love at first sight. "I just liked him, from head to toe," smiles Daph.

John was equally convinced when he saw her. "I said she won't get away from me, I'll catch her. And I've been with her ever since," says John.

Love Story

They would only spend time apart when John was sent to New Guinea as a soldier during the Second World War. "I just waited and waited every day for him to come home," says Daph.

And when John did come home, they enjoyed a happy life at their Telarah home near Maitland. So happy they lived there for 74 years, only moving into Rutherford Park Care Community six months’ ago.

Daph and John are the most gorgeous couple”, says Lifestyle Coordinator, Wendy. “They’re always together. They were champion ballroom dancers in their younger years and they’ve still got the moves. Daph will dance at any opportunity! They still love each other’s company and they finish one another’s sentences.”

Family and friends gathered on the big day for cake and a cuppa to celebrate the couple and hear some good old fashioned relationship advice.

"We never had a strong word," says Daph.” Just tell your husband you love him every day.”

John adds, "look after one another, think about one another, and live for one another. It's wonderful."


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