Social Impact Report

Social Impact

Social Impact at Opal HealthCare

Opal HealthCare is built on the belief that we can improve the lives of older Australians and in doing so, improve the well-being of the wider community.

That’s why at Opal HealthCare, our Social Impact framework encompasses everything we do to be a sustainable organisation and serve our people, the environment, and society at large well into the future.

Our purpose is to bring joy to those we care for.

Our vision is to be the first choice for people to live their best life in care.

Our values are Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

We focus on the areas where we can make the most significant positive impact through our skills, resources, reach, and expertise, to help create a better future for everyone.

Social Impact Model

    1. 800 graduates/participants in the Opal HealthCare Academy Nurse Graduate Program
      Supporting the transition from tertiary education to clinical practice through mentoring, coaching, confidence building and structured in-place learning
    2. Train and accredit 250 team members in mental health first aid
      Supporting the mental health and resilience of our people
    3. Grow employment pathways for First Nations people & minority groups, ensuring a safe, inclusive & equitable workplace for all
      Creating more job opportunities and supporting career aspirations through diverse employment partnerships and practices
    4. Maintain a leadership gender balance within a 70:30 ratio
      Enabling opportunities for meaningful career progression through all aspects of residential aged care
    5. Maintain customer experience and satisfaction score >90%
      Listening, responding and acting on customer feedback to continually improve our care and services
    6. Grow and scale 3 care and services innovations
      To improve care outcomes and continually improve the experience of people, especially those with dementia, living in residential aged care
    1. Develop a Net Zero strategy for Opal HealthCare
      Reducing emissions and mitigating against transition risk
    2. 15% of total energy usage is generated and used onsite
      Increasing and improving the way we use solar energy in our Care Communities
    3. 2 cross-sector partnerships to reduce plastic waste and improve circularity
      Working together with experts to solve challenges specific to the aged care sector
    4. 20% of waste diverted from landfill
      Improving ethical disposal of equipment or materials and reducing food waste while tackling the challenges of clinical waste
    5. 100% of rainwater harvested is re-used on site
      Using design innovation and water management practices to conserve water for sustainable living
    6. Grow and scale 3 building design for sustainability innovations
      Partnering with experts to incorporate greener technologies, design practices, and operations in our buildings
    1. 4,600 new jobs created in our local communities
      Through our building development program, caring roles in our Care Communities and support roles
    2. 3 signature partnerships that promote healthy and well communities
      Delivering wellbeing outcomes through intergenerational connections, pets and animals, and social support for communities
    3. Responsible sourcing
      Ensuring ethically responsible procurement practices that benefit people, places and the environment
    1. Double our online users to support more Australians to access information about aged care
      Giving greater access to high quality, easy-to-understand information about residential aged care and how to access care
    2. One or more resident committees in every Care Community
      Ensuring residents who wish to can advocate on behalf of themselves and others in their Care Community, including social committees and contributing to recruitment panels
    3. Programs to promote positive ageing and combat ageism
      Helping older people to remain visible, respected, and relevant in society, and supporting their wellbeing by growing Dementia Care Connections and other community outreach programs

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