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Opal Moments aged care magazine

Opal Moments is our bi-annual aged care magazine bringing you stories of lives lived with meaning and purpose in our Care Communities. 

Welcome to Opal Moments Magazine Summer 2023-24. 

Read it online here or click on the link below to download your copy. You’ll also find the magazine in our Care Communities around Australia.

Our Summer 2023-24 edition is all about the joy of living well in care.

We share our approach to dementia care and explain how we’re training our team to bring joy to residents living with cognitive impairment.

We learn how nature connection at Dubbo Homestead enables our gardens and residents to thrive, and we enjoy a magical day out with Queensland residents at The Australian Ballet through our ENJOY program. We join Joslin Manor’s coffee club to show how inclusion and socialisation benefit wellbeing, and admire the skill and creativity of our resident artists at Murdoch Gardens. Our knitters at Warrnambool Riverside will warm your heart supporting families in need with their handmade creations.

We know finding the right care for loved ones is a deeply personal experience and, in this edition, we invite readers to learn from the stories of our residents and families in our Cuppa Q&A’s video and podcast series. As an added treat, Cuppa Q&A’s hosts Megan and Jason van Genderen share their recipe for their delicious Persian Love Cake which features in our videos!

We hope you enjoy Opal Moments Summer 2023-24.

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