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Never too late to fall in love

19th April 2021 | 4 min

Marie & Ron

Marie and Ron met in January 2019 at Cameron Park Care Community but their whirlwind romance really only began less than a year ago when they attended an exercise class together.

Yesterday was their special day as a beautiful commitment ceremony was held at Cameron Park Care Community. They showed us that it's never too late to fall in love! With joy and celebrations Marie, 93, and Ron, 100, honoured their love with family, friends, the care team at their home, and a Channel 9 film crew!

These days they spend as much time as they can together with Marie describing him as a gentleman, a stylish dresser, and a good man, whilst Ron describes her as a wonderful woman, full of fun and always laughing and joking.  Their love for each other has re-energised them as they enjoy bus trips, visits to the cinema and music. Our lifestyle coordinator Miki Stojcic said, "It's like a new life for them, it's been an amazing transformation."  The pair say that they keep each other young and Ron commented that "We don't feel old at all, we act like teenagers"

Marie and Ron

"We're going to have a very happy marriage," said Ron, and our team certainly looks forward to being a part of their beautiful love story.

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