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Respite Care

Your Guide to Respite Care at Opal HealthCare

Many of our Care Communities offer respite care services on a long-term, short term or emergency basis. We know the dedication and commitment involved in full time care and we understand that is's necessary to take time out from caring now and then.

Our respite program ensures you have the opportunity to have a break, confident in the knowledge that your loved one will receive the support they deserve in an engaging and loving environment. Longer-term respite care can be a good way to manage recovery from illness and give residents the opportunity to access reablement services. We have a registered nurse on shift, every day and night.

Respite care services also provide the perfect experience for residents who are not quite ready to commit to long-term care and are seeking an opportunity to trial out life in residential aged care.

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    Commonly asked questions about Respite care

    • Respite care is a short-term stay in a residential aged care home to provide caregivers with a break from caring when they need it. Respite can range anywhere from a single day to a number of weeks in care and can be the result of an emergency situation or a planned period of time.

    • Respite is intended to provide short-term care to older Australians when their carer is away or unavailable, or for those who need a little extra care after a hospital stay. However, sometimes people take up respite in our Care Communities because they are not quite ready to commit to long-term care and want the opportunity to experience life in residential aged care before making a more permanent move.

    • Day respite is the option to enter residential aged care for a day (without an overnight stay). We offer day respite on a planned or ad-hoc basis in some of our Care Communities and may be possible multiple times a week, month or as needed. Day respite residents enjoy the full range of food, care and activity options as do our permanent residents. To find out if a Care Community you are interested in does Day Respite please fill out our enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    • In order to receive government-subsidised respite care, you need to have a face-to-face assessment with a qualified assessor to determine your care needs. This can be organised via the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service. You can also apply for an assessment online or by calling 1800 200 422.

    • If you are eligible for respite care, you can access up to 63 days of subsidised respite care in a financial year in an Opal HealthCare Care Community where respite is available. You will only need to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee, which is set at 85% of the single age pension.

    • If you don’t qualify for subsidised care, you may have to pay for respite care yourself. This is called ‘self-funded’ respite and fees will vary between Care Communities.

    • Yes, you can enjoy respite care in any Opal Healthcare Care Community that has an availability and can meet your care needs. 

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