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It's party time! Our 40's inspired Dance

4th December 2019 | 3 min read
party at Opal

Our residents at Ashfield Terrace in Ashfield, Sydney love a party! They decided to invite fellow residents from four other Opal care homes to join in the fun in their 40’s themed dance. Watch the video below to see residents from our Opal community. Residents and team members from Chiswick Manor, Canterbury Place, Annandale Grove, and Stanmore Place came by bus for the occasion which brought our communities together for an afternoon of dancing.

The beauty of music and dance is that memories of the lyrics and melody of a song often prevail when our other memories fail. The enjoyment of music can enable a wonderful sense of wellbeing, happiness and community, this was truly felt by us all as we danced away the afternoon.

It was a wonderful occasion which bought both young and old together and it was a joy to see the fun shared by all.

Our 40's inspired Dance