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Embracing a culture of generosity

3rd March 2021 | 4 min

We are blessed to have authentic relationships with many community members who generously contribute their time and resources to enhance the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Nabil moved into Bankstown Terrace Care Community last month, with no family or close contacts to support him. Through our Meaningful Mates initiative, we teamed Nabil up with a few of our Bankstown Terrace leaders to support different areas of his care, particularly the areas of connection that matter most to him.

In learning about Nabil, we recognised how important authentic cuisine is to him and introduced him to the local Lebanese Bakery where Nabil delights in a coffee and Labneh roll each morning.

Movement is not always easy for Nabil and as his mobility declined it became increasingly difficult for him to walk to the bakery.

Through the generous actions of Daniel and his team at the Lebanese Bakery, a $2,500 mobile scooter was purchased for Nabil so that he could make the daily trip to participate in their morning routine of coffee and chatter. Nabil is delighted with his new mode of transportation. His newfound independence has been transformative and has given Nabil a renewed sense of purpose.

Another valued community partner is Thread Together - an organisation which sources brand new, never-worn clothing from manufacturers and makes it available, free of charge, to people who need a hand. Nabil and his fellow residents were thrilled to choose their own new clothes to update their wardrobes. Everyone loves wearing something new and it gives Nabil a real lift to look and feel great.

Nabil on scooter

We also have a prolific group of knitters among our residents, who enjoy creating beautiful hand-made items to donate to others.

Our Bankstown Terrace team recently visited Bankstown Hospital to deliver a bundle of items crafted by our residents. Peter, General Manager and Deborah, Community Liaison, were delighted to receive the sought-after knitted goodies. They plan to hold a raffle at the hospital with the blankets and pouches as prizes. Donations will go towards the paediatric and geriatric units.



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