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Resident finds 'paradise' at Murdoch Gardens

9th July 2020 | 2 mins

Resident tells carer he has found paradise

Bill lives at Murdoch Gardens Care Community. He is a real creative and enjoys writing poetry. When one of Bill's favourite team members and his carer, Judith, retired recently, he was inspired to write a tribute to her. Bill's poem is a touching message of thanks and recognition for Judith's care and friendship. His words inspire us to keep making a difference in our residents' lives every day.

Who doesn’t like a smile in the morning when coming to work?


Bill Withers June 2020

On most mornings, Judith is the first, to say, “Good Morning Bill”,
Usually around seven, when I open the door, for my lungs to fill.
My apartment, in Opal Aged Care, has cross ventilation,
When I open the terrace door, and the door opposite Judith’s station.

Judith is a Carer with a multitude of duties including encyclopedia,
“Judith, where can I get? Do? Find? She is a walking social media.
Towels, toilet paper and wipes seem to replace themselves but I know,
Judith has a hand in their appearance when she has a trolley in tow.

Although I am a Humanist, I respect using, a capital ‘G’ with God.
My Nurses and Carers are revered, to me, so they are not roughshod,
When I give, to them, capital N’s and C’s, as beloved human beings,
Who gives to others, with love and care, to improve their old feelings?

Judith does her duty, without fuss or drama, but with a quiet smile,
So pleasing to see, while a comfort to be, in a place with such style.
I have told family, in my eighty-ninth year, I have found Paradise,
And it’s down to Judith and colleagues, who make it so bloody nice.

Thank you, Judith.

Wishing you a fabulous, well-deserved time in retirement.

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