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7th December 2020 | 3 min read

We are grateful to have strong bonds to the communities in which we live. We truly appreciate the support given to us at Opal HealthCare and any contribution, be it big or small can make a world of difference to our residents.

In addition to the support we receive, our team members and residents are actively involved in the community too. Our homes have regular fundraisers for charitable organisations, we participate in community events and our residents often craft beautiful gifts to donate to different causes.

When visitor restrictions were in place, we were touched by the kindness shown to our residents and team and by the community members who went above and beyond to show they care.

While filling up at a petrol station one day, a lovely lady by the name of Sarah told a cashier how she wanted to get involved in aged care and form relationships with the residents. She made contact with us shortly after the cashier recommended Mandurah Coast Care Community. With the help of her friends, they decorated glass jars and filled them with flowers they picked so that our residents could display them on their bedside tables. Our residents were over the moon with this kind gesture, especially Lois who said to us all “It’s the small things in life.”

Lois with flowers

Maddison, our Lifestyle Coordinator says “We enjoyed Sarah’s company through our Window of Love, we all got along like a house on fire.” When asked what motivated Sarah to support aged care, she explained that her grandmother lives in aged care in New Zealand and she hoped for someone to organise something like this to give joy to the residents living there. “I wanted to prove that you can give joy to people without spending money. It’s something so simple that got the community together and look at the happiness we have given to the residents.”


We have so many wonderful stories of community giving coming from our homes with knitting proving to be a much-loved activity.

Murdoch Garden’s knitting group Yarn & Yak donated 22 handmade blankets to Wheelchairs for Kids, a community organisation supported by the Rotary Club in Western Australia. The organisation makes wheelchairs for underprivileged children enabling them to be mobile and partake in community life. Our residents sent a cuddly toy and blanket for each child to brighten up their day.

Yark & Yak

While they were unable to visit, the teachers and children at Bathurst Public School wanted to let our Bathurst Riverview residents know that they were thinking of them. Over Easter, our residents received cards and chocolates from the students alongside a video of the children sharing their favourite Easter memories with the hope that it would make their Easter bright.

Our residents wanted to express their admiration too. In September, the children were delighted to receive 50 hand knitted scarves made by our residents and a few family members. Bathurst Public School published a beautiful note in their newsletter expressing their gratitude to this gesture. Our residents and the students have found great joy in their blossoming friendship.

Scarves for schools


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