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Step 3: Costs

Find out more about aged care costs

Understanding aged care costs, particularly those related to residential care and any potential additional fees, is crucial for peace of mind. The total cost of your care and accommodation will depend on your specific financial situation which is assessed by Services Australia.

Since Services Australia can take a long time to send you the outcome of your income and assets assessment (14-120 days) we recommend using the fee estimator on the government website, My Aged Care to help you estimate the likely cost of care. To estimate the costs of a room at one of our Care Communities you can use our calculator below.

To help you better understand the aged care fee structure we've created an informative video that explains the costs involved in residential aged care.

5 Steps into Residential Aged Care

Commonly asked questions about aged care costs

  • Aged care costs are determined by the Department of Human Services (DHS) who will assess your financial situation. To do this, DHS conducts a Combined Income and Assets Assessment, which is a form that you need to complete and submit to the government.

  • The Combined Income and Assets Assessment form (SA457) is an extensive questionnaire with over 140 questions about what you and your partner/spouse own and earn. It’s important to understand that you are considered to own half your assets with your partner/spouse regardless of who holds the title to the assets. As part of your assessment, you will be asked to provide details of all assets owned by both of you.

  • Government subsidy eligibility and amount depends on an individual’s situation and needs. If you are eligible, this will minimise some of your aged care costs. For more information about government subsidy for residential aged care please visit MyAgedCare

  • When choosing a residential aged care provider, it is important to understand aged care costs and fees. These include:
    •    Accommodation Charge (the cost of your room) - These are set by individual Care Communities and varies between them.
    •    Basic Daily Care Fee (meals, laundry, cleaning and other day-to-day costs) – These are set by the Australian Government and is the same across every Care Community in Australia.
    •    Means-Tested Care Fee (to supplement the cost of your overall care) - These are set by the Australian Government based on an assessment of your personal financial situation.
    •    Additional Services Fee or Extra Services Fee - (higher-end services and accommodation) These are set by individual Care Communities and varies between them. In some, Additional Services or Extra Services are optional and in others, residents are required to purchase these services as a condition of entry
    For further information download our 5 step guide.

  • To find an estimate of your aged care costs and fees, use the fee estimator that will consider:
    •    The basic daily fee
    •    Your means-test 
    •    If you are eligible for financial assistance
    You can also use our find a Care Community search tool to see prices from different rooms at each of our Care Communities.

  • Aged care costs will vary depending on an individual’s needs. Some additional service fees you should consider include, but not limited to:
    -    Wellness centres and physical therapy 
    -    Facilities such as gym and pool 
    -    Beauty services such as onsite hairdresser and beautician 
    -    Recreational/entertainment activities 

  • There are three ways to pay:
    1.    Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) which is a lump sum payment 
    2.    Daily accommodation payments (DAP) which is recurring rental type payments 
    3.    Combination of RAD and DAP. 

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