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The importance of movement

3rd February 2021 | 3 mins

Our in-house Wellness Centres focus on improving the mobility of our residents which among other benefits, significantly contributes to their quality of life and improves long-term health.

When Helen moved into Treeby Parklands Care Community, she was determined to walk. She worked hard on her strength, balance, and mobility, and with her sheer determination and support from the Concentric team, Helen walked for the first time in six months. With every step, the smile on her face would grow bigger, and she would celebrate with a fist pump after every session. She is well on her way to achieving her new goal of increasing her walking speed!


Fellow resident Stan has been attending occupational and physical therapy sessions to assist him with his mobility. Stan says he is tired most days, but this can be expected at 101 years of age! He is always eager to exercise and to give things a good go. Stan continually makes our team laugh and keeps everyone entertained with stories and banter during his sessions. With his “can-do” attitude and hard work, he has greatly improved in his goals to maintain his mobility, strength and stamina.


Kok Tan attends our Wellness Centre for the falls and balance program. Following a lengthy hospital stay, Kok wanted to gain independence in transfers and mobility as he was unable to stand up on his own. The team achieved small goals with Kok, which he went above and beyond to reach by completing ten sit to stands in his room every morning. Kok is now independently moving from his bed to his chair and walking around his room with his walker. With no plans to slow down, his new goal is to improve his walking speed and distance.


Each day at our in-home Wellness Centres we see our residents achieving their goals – large and small – improving their quality of life and having fun along the way.

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