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Laurie's stepping up to achieve his goals

7th July 2023 | 1 min read
wellness centre

As we age, people often experience physical and emotional effects resulting from illness, injury or loss of ability. Reduced physical activity can result in a loss of bone density, muscle strength and our joints begin to stiffen - which is why exercise is so important.

Our Wellness Centres offer physio-led reablement that can reduce the rate at which this decline is experienced. Our goal is to improve quality of life, emotional and physical wellbeing, and promote independence.

Laurie had always led an active life before his mobility declined. Now living at Murdoch Gardens Care Community, he joined our Wellness Program to with a goal to regain his mobility. Working with our allied health partners, Laurie set specific goals and set about achieving them. Since then, Laurie’s improved in a range of areas – doubling his walking distance, improving his lower-limb strength and balance. And he’s progressed from using a four-wheel walker to a walking stick.

“When you go to the Wellness Centre, it’s not only stimulating energy-wise, but it’s mentally stimulating as well. I’ve made some big improvements to my health, and my family have commented that I’m walking much better.” - Laurie, resident

Watch Laurie’s journey