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How Joy transformed her health
with exercises for mobility

26th August 2021 | 3 min read
Exercises for mobility

Joy, a cheerful resident with a cheeky sense of humour has been living with us at Bankstown Terrace Care Community for nearly two years. She has made great strides in her wellness journey and is showing no signs of slowing down.

After returning from hospital in June last year, Joy was fairly deconditioned and as a result was bedbound. As a sociable person who actively engages in our lifestyle activities, Joy’s condition left her missing the daily interactions she shared with others.

Under the expert guidance of Stephanie in the Concentric team, Joy began her exercise program at our in-house wellness centre. The pair aimed to have Joy seated with her fellow residents so she could once again engage in conversation and enjoy a good meal in the company of others.

Exercises for mobility

Stephanie focused on improving the strength of Joy’s lower limbs and sitting balance by using aids such as cones, Therabands and light weights to engage her in her physiotherapy sessions.

With sheer determination and hard work, Joy achieved her initial goal and is able to move herself in and out of her bed and into her tub chair to socialise outside of her room.

Stephanie and Joy continued to work hard on Joy’s rehabilitation and exercises for mobility that advance her lower limb strength. With consistent training, we were confident that Joy will eventually stand and then walk. 

Joy’s eagerness to excel in her mobility has paid off. With the help of a forearm support frame and a Concentric team member by her side to ensure she is safe, Joy is walking around our Care Community gleefully and proud. “I love being able to walk, I feel like I can jump fences,” says Joy.

With her mobility steadily improving, Joy has bounced right back into her social tendencies. She enjoys her daily one-to-one calls with her loved ones and takes pleasure in singing and laughing with her friends and our team.

Exercises for mobility

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