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Connecting families at Narrandera Homestead

2nd July 2020 | 3 mins

Narrandera residents

With every challenge comes opportunity and the pandemic this year has given us an opportunity to extend the way we connect with our families and community. The restricted access has meant our visitors, volunteers, and contractors are unable to attend our home, but, that doesn’t mean everything has to stop. With the support of our Home Office, we have been able to introduce calls to family and friends, for our residents at Narrendera Homestead, through the Zoom Meeting App. Our residents have embraced this technology and are getting great enjoyment from being able to see and talk with their loved ones.

We have also introduced church services by using the same app. Rev Michael Perrot and Fr Bradley Rafter have been giving spiritual support through this technology, and our residents are absolutely loving it. The joy we see on their faces when they connect with their loved ones, through this technology, is a privilege for us to experience.

Team members have jumped in with supporting residents through our ‘Meaningful Mates’ program, ensuring each resident has quality time with a team member that they can call their mate. Mates share experiences and life stories, they reminisce and partake in activities together. It can be a very special time.

This time has also allowed our team to become more creative with different activities, to bring joy into the daily life of our residents. We have had ‘throw the ball at the Manager’; games, slapstick with two team members targeted for whipped cream throwing (Pie in the Face); making Easter decorations, an Easter egg hunt, and a visit from the Easter Bunny. We have participated in online Safari Trips, live Zoo shows on YouTube, and other sites according to each individual resident's interests. Residents enjoyed a concert on Friday with team members, and decorations for Mother’s Day celebrations. Birthdays for residents are celebrated with family and friends via Zoom.

Our home is the same as yours, we’re not going out unless it is essential and we only have essential people coming in. Like your home, we are still well-fed, warm, comfortable, happy, and connecting with those not coming to our home through the wonderful world of technology!

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