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Better together with volunteers

16th May 2022 | 2 mins

As you grow older you find you have two hands – one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.’ – Audrey Hepburn.

And that’s exactly what we see in the countless wonderful volunteers who give their time and energy to help make life better for our residents.

It’s National Volunteer Week and the theme for 2022 is ‘Better Together’, recognising that volunteering brings people together and creates a better society for everyone. 

At Tingira Hills Care Community, volunteer Steve runs the Men’s Shed every week. Men’s Shed is dedicated time for our gentlemen to put their woodworking and handyman skills to use and enjoy conversation over a cold beer or two.


And everyone in the Care Community benefits from their projects. The group makes planter boxes which our kitchen team use to grow herbs, beautiful handmade games which they give to children at the neighbouring daycare centre, they sell mosaic trivets to raise funds for local charities.

Steve says that in retirement, the Men’s Shed is a source of enjoyment and gives him a sense of purpose. He gets to spend more time with his daughter, who works in the Lifestyle team, and he’s able to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Over at Varsity Views Care Community, volunteer Arthur is considered a member of the family. He regularly helps the Lifestyle team with activities and contributes ideas of his own that residents enjoy. And he’s not one to shy away from a dress-up day! Arthur often spends one-on-time with residents and engages in meaningful activities with residents living in the Memory Care Neighbourhood. 

Arthur describes volunteering as giving him comfort after a difficult period in his life and helping him to gain a renewed sense of purpose. And his contribution is equally beneficial for our residents - he gives them friendship and something to look forward to. They miss his cheerful nature when he’s not around and always ask when he’ll be back next.

We offer all kinds of volunteering opportunities in our residential aged care Care Communities.

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