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Aldinga Beach Care Community

Our Care Community is nestled just three minutes  from the shores of Aldinga Beach. And Aldinga Central Shopping Centre is right across the road, with easy access to local amenities and transport. We’re a warm and family-oriented Care Community, with personalised expert care delivered by our experienced team. With a contemporary beach house design, our Care Community features well–appointed light filled rooms with spacious indoor and outdoor living areas that embrace the relaxing lifestyle of the beautiful Onkaparinga coast.

Care at Aldinga Beach

We offer a relaxing environment with the compassionate and personalised care of 24/7 registered nurses. Our experienced leadership work alongside a capable and confident team to offer residential aged care with palliative care, dementia care and respite care services. Allied health professionals also visit regularly. We recognise that understanding the big and the little details about how you like to live each day is important – so that we can help you feel at home, have the right support and live your best life in our care.

Daily living at Aldinga Beach

Whether it’s enjoying a book from our library, spending time outdoors tending to our grapevine, getting together with the men’s group or creative pursuits such as music, arts or crafts, there’s plenty to do at Aldinga Beach Care Community. Our Care Community features 10-12 resident bedrooms per ‘house’, connecting into our vibrant coffee shop and living areas. And a stroll along the coast is just a short drive away. It’s an environment where you’re free to enjoy your interests, independently or with others, continue to learn and try new things, and participate in Aldinga Beach life – so you can enjoy your day, your way.

Bedroom Features and Pricing Options

Extra services and Additional services may be available in this Care Community

Not Actual Room

Type: Single Size: 20-29m2

1 Bed
You have 3 payment options:
Option 1
Pay the full lump sum of $550,000
Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). It’s refundable when you leave
Option 2
Pay a full daily amount of $125.67
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is billed monthly
Option 3
A combination of RAD & DAP
Enter a lump sum amount below (the more you add, the lower your DAP will be)
Enter a lump sum amount below
Your daily amount will be
$125.67 Per Day
Plus a means tested daily care fee and the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR)

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