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ShElvis rocks Bankstown Terrace

18th December 2023 | 4 min read
Shelvis Bankstown terrace

Music plays such an important role in meeting the emotional, cognitive, and social needs of older people. It connects and inspires, it boosts creativity and evokes memory, and it brings joy, especially when a timeless favourite pops in for a singalong – just ask our residents at Bankstown Terrace Care Community!

For one special day, Bankstown Terrace Care Community transformed into Blue Hawaii, to the delight of our residents and their families. The pulling power of ‘ShElvis’ (aka Sheryl Scharkie) was on full display, with a fantastic turnout, including residents who don’t usually choose to participate in group activities. ShElvis even enlisted some of the residents to act as the back up band.

Shelvis Bankstown terrace

“The joy on our residents’ faces was beautiful to see, and ShElvis was just amazing,” says General Manager Bronwyn. “There was something magical in the sense of ‘different yet familiar’ she brought. Everyone knew the words and had a wonderful time singing along, and we even had a couple of grandkids up dancing.”

And ShElvis could never be accused of having a wooden heart. When she learned resident and lifelong Elvis fan Margaret was unwell, she paid a special visit to Margaret’s bedroom to serenade her with Can’t Help Falling In Love, creating a special memory just for her.