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Resident-led community giving

14th October 2021 | 3 min
Knitting group at Kirra Beach

We understand that when a person moves into residential aged care, their ability to continue to contribute to others and to society benefits their wellbeing.

We also recognise the importance of residents remaining strongly connected to their local community. With a variety of skills and driven by a sense of purpose, many residents actively seek opportunities to engage with different organisations, charities and local businesses in order to support society.

Residents and team in our Care Communities regularly engage in different ways with charitable organisations, for example donating home-made baked goods, potted plants, knitwear and craft items that can be used and enjoyed by others.

Across our homes, residents have a variety of organisations and charities they choose to support. Our team endeavour to provide the resources residents need to undertake their initiatives and maintain community connections. Knitting is immensely popular, and thousands of beautifully crafted items have been donated to others over the years through our Care Communities.

As featured in our 2020 Social Impact Report, residents at Kirra Beach Care Community have been knitting beanies for premature babies at the Mater Mother’s Hospital in Brisbane since 2012. Team members and families donate the wool and additional wool is purchased when needed. Residents have knitted 6,000 beanies in the past nine years, of which 320 were made in 2020. Residents find meaning and purpose in contributing to the community. With strong social networks and a desire to give back, our residents play a valuable role in supporting the wider community.

Knitting for charity


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