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Reconciliation takes action

27th May 2021 | 4 mins

The theme of this year's National Reconciliation Week - “More than a word. Reconciliation takes action” - resonates with us at Opal HealthCare. One of the ways we’re taking action is through our partnership with CareerTrackers, where we welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns into our teams to support their tertiary studies and future careers with practical ‘in place’ learning.

We are proud of the extraordinary diversity of our residents and team across Opal HealthCare. We employ a significant number of people from different cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as migrants and refugees. As part of our training and development pathways, we offer internships in a variety of career streams in our Care Communities and Home Office.

As featured in our 2020 Social Impact Report, one of our important partnerships is with CareerTrackers and CareerSeekers. CareerTrackers enables Indigenous Australian students to undertake internships at Opal HealthCare to gain valuable work experience that supports their tertiary studies, so they graduate from university with a knowledge of what it is like to work in their particular field.

CareerSeekers supports Australia’s humanitarian entrants who are attending university or looking to restart their professional career in Australia in a similar way.

In 2020 we offered over 4,864 hours of work to CareerTrackers and CareerSeekers interns. We employed eight interns who worked in five different teams for an average of four months.

Our interns bring cultural perspectives to Opal HealthCare which helps to improve our team’s cultural competency and understanding of the practices and beliefs of the cultures that make up our Care Communities. In turn, we are continually improving the way we care for residents and families from different cultural backgrounds, and the way we provide cultural support for our team. Our interns have assisted in educating and promoting the importance of having a culturally inclusive work and home environment. The shared value for interns is being able to learn and participate in meaningful work that supports their tertiary studies, in a safe and welcoming professional environment.

I joined the Opal HealthCare team as a Communications and Community Engagement Intern. I was welcomed with open arms and have built strong networks, visited Care Communities and shared my cultural knowledge. Building my skill set at Opal is giving me valuable experience and has opened my eyes to the importance of aged care in society.” - Kim, 2020 CareerTrackers Intern

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