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CareerTrackers paves the way for Indigenous youth

10th February 2021 | 4 min

We are proud to be partnered with CareerTrackers as they drive career development opportunities for young Indigenous people in Australia. Kim, who joined our Opal family in November 2020 as an intern shares her story with us.

"When beginning university after graduating from high school at the age of 17, I had no idea what amazing experiences and opportunities would be coming my way. I walked into university with the skills and passion for business administration, photography, arts, and design and I was at a loss with how I could use these skills in the workplace.

"It wasn’t until the end of my second year when I met my amazing mentors Maddy and Abbey and found the CareerTrackers program, a non-profit organisation that allows Indigenous students to participate in internships throughout their university degree in the hopes of gaining a role after graduation.

"CareerTrackers would not be where it is today without the founder and former CEO Michael Combs. Michael came to Australia and noticed the lack of Indigenous workers and leaders, his goal when starting the CareerTrackers program was to motivate Indigenous communities to attend and graduate university in the field of their interest and to see more Indigenous CEOs and workers in their various industries.

"Michael always had the mindset that the CareerTrackers program needed to have an Indigenous CEO and in January 2020 he handed his role as CEO to Rodney Williams, an Indigenous member of the community.

"In November of 2020, I joined the Opal HealthCare team as a Communications and Community Engagement Intern. I was welcomed with open arms and have since built strong networks, visited a care community, participated in many projects, and used my skills and passions to participate in projects.

"Some projects include designing the Opal HealthCare Cupcake Competition awards and vouchers, recreating the Virtual Enquiry Pack and Welcome to Opal Pack into the new brand guidelines, designing the infographics for Opal's first-ever Social Impact Report which will be published this year, and alongside my fellow interns I have participated in the research and design of posters detailing the Indigenous history of each care community location.

"I have absolutely loved working with the Communications and Community Engagement team and have enjoyed every second of building on my skill set and using my previous skills to see the amazing projects come to life. I have had the privilege of working alongside my fellow interns, sharing stories and advice for years to come."

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