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How to create a positive end of life experience

26th May 2022 | 2 mins
end of life

For residents who are nearing end of life, the most comfortable place to be is in their Care Community with familiar carers and loved ones by their side.

At Geraldton Shore Care Community, our team worked together with Arnold and his family to create a palliative care plan that met Arnold’s wishes and care requirements.

His physical care included pain management, full assistance with activities of daily living, and a focus on nutrition so that he could continue to enjoy nourishing meals for as long as possible.

To support Arnold and his family emotionally, our team had regular conversations with them, providing comfort and ensuring everyone was aligned around his care and preferences. Our team also focused on Arnold’s physical environment. As he neared the end of life stage, creating a peaceful atmosphere was very important. They kept his room at a temperature comfortable for him, with sensitive lighting, a scented diffuser with an aroma he liked, and gentle music playing.

A devoted Jehovah’s Witness, Arnold’s church community comforted him and his family with regular visits and church services, both in person and virtually via an iPad.

Our team respected Arnold’s privacy and any practical concerns were addressed in their regular conversations. Through these discussions, Arnold and his loved ones became well prepared for the emotional and practical support necessary through end of life.

Arnold passed away peacefully and comfortably in our care and with his loved ones by his side. His family expressed their appreciation and gratitude to our team for enabling Arnold’s wishes to be fulfilled and in doing so, caring for all the family with dignity and compassion.

Thank you for creating a calm and peaceful environment for Arnold’s passing. The salt lamp, scented diffuser and gentle music was such a nice touch. The team that were working that day treated Arnold with dignity and respect, and ensured that we were all comfortable. – Richard and Kerri 

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about end of life care at an Opal HealthCare Care Community near you, please reach out to us at

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