Coming together in the fight against dementia

15th January 2019 | 8 min read

At Opal, we’re continually working to develop specialist care to meet our residents’ needs. Opal has more than 6,500 residents across our 79 homes in Australia. A large proportion of these residents are living with a form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Many of our homes have dedicated memory support units as we understand the growing need for specialist dementia care.

Dementia Australia provides support and advocacy for the 320,000 people living with dementia in Australia, as well as the 1.2 million people who provide them with support and care. As an organisation we want to help raise awareness, to act as advocates for our residents and their families, and help fundraise for research into understanding and providing support for those living with the disease.

opal team members

This was behind our decision to partner with Dementia Australia last year to roll out the largest education partnership of its kind in training all team members across the business in how to best care for people living with the disease. The education partnership involved a Peer Leadership Training Program to provide key staff with additional information in advanced clinical leadership skills to further educate themselves and other staff in caring for people with dementia.

Why get involved?

Memory Walk & Jog is our chance to work together in the race against dementia. There’s estimated to be approximately 342,800 Australians living with dementia, with 1,800 new cases in Australia every week. That’s one person every six minutes. It’s the second leading cause of death in Australia and there is no cure.

1. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease which accounts for between 50% and 70% of all types of dementia. We want to ask Australians to come together and fight this disease.

2. By signing up for one of the events, or sponsoring someone who is taking part, you’ll help raise awareness of the issue and funds raised will enable Dementia Australia to continue to provide much-needed support services, education, and social research.

What are the events?

There are a number of events taking place across Australia, with a range of distances from a 2km walk to a 10km run:

  • Walk with your family and friends. All ages and abilities welcome!
  • Jog to keep fit or get in shape.
  • Run to compete or as part of your training while raising awareness and funds for a global cause.
  • DIY events: if there’s no event taking place in your local community, you can host your own DIY Memory Walk & Jog event using the simple kit provided, and invite the local community along.
  • My Memory Walk & Jog: create your own personal challenge by pledging to complete a certain number of kilometres and ask your family and friends to sponsor you.

How can you get involved?

We’re encouraging everyone in our homes and communities to get involved. You can take part in an organised event, sponsor someone, set your own personal challenge, or host your own DIY event.


Dementia Australia is looking for people to help out on race day.
Contact Dementia Australia if you’re interested in volunteering at any of the events.


Or Visit:

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