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Christmas card community collaboration at Narraweena Grove

22nd December 2020 | 5 mins

Narraweena Grove

This year Narraweena Grove Care Community, in association with the students of St John The Apostle Catholic Primary School, were chosen to be involved in the design and production of this year's Christmas Cards for Opal HealthCare.

For our residents, the shared experience of creating art and exchanging letters with students has been a source of great enjoyment throughout COVID-19. Across our care communities, intergenerational friendships such as these enable our residents to participate in activities that are meaningful and fun for all.

In early November we established a weekend art workshop to create the templates for the Christmas card designs. There was a fabulous buzz throughout our home during those weeks as the residents of Narraweena Grove and the local students collaborated together to work on the templates and then develop the final pieces of work.


Making Cards

As the initial templates were shared with students at St John The Apostle Catholic Primary School they were able to add their creative flair.

Many of these creations now adorn the walls of Narraweena Grove.

School Cards on the wall

The residents chose their favoured designs and then these were used to create our Christmas cards. The residents and students are so proud of their final creation and our cards have been distributed to many of our partners and families.

Vince card

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