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Wellness Centre fitness program
helps Tony stay active

5th June 2024 | 4 min read
Bathurst Wellness

As a former tow-truck and service vehicle operator for the NRMA in the Blue Mountains, Tony knows the importance of keeping people moving. Now living at Bathurst Riverview Care Community, the same spirit of action drives Tony’s life of meaning and purpose.

There hasn’t been a moment in Tony’s life when he hasn’t been on the go. From a fitting and turning apprenticeship to a decade in the food manufacturing industry, before his time with the NRMA (which included running a large café), and several years at a colliery, Tony has lived a hands-on life of service.

For Tony, our Wellness Centre at Bathurst Riverview Care Community is central to a healthy life. Through our Wellness Centres, we work with allied health partners Healthcare Australia (HCA) and Concentric Rehabilitation to offer residents personalised programs that support reablement, rehabilitation and improved mobility, based on each resident’s goals and preferences. 

“Staying active is so important,” says Tony. “I’ve stayed fit over the past three years by riding the bike and walking on the treadmill in the Wellness Centre. And I like to walk in the garden; I do at least four trips around the garden each day. My program is excellent, it’s not too demanding and my goals keep me motivated. I even lift weights!”

“I have a good routine,” he adds. “I get up at 6:15am and water the gardens. And I like to make half an hour for reading to Mavis, who lives up the corridor from me. I also call bingo twice a week and help with the newspaper delivery and the mail.”

If you’re thinking community spirit runs deep in Tony, you’d be right.

“Tony is an inspiration to all of us,” says Rodney, General Manager at Bathurst Riverview Care Community. “He is genuinely interested in people. He’s like the big brother or adopted husband for many of our residents. Alongside our team, he’ll check in with residents if he notices they aren’t themselves.”

“He loves being involved. As well as helping with the mail and the papers and the wonderful support he provides to residents, he initiated our Scrabble group with his friend, Doug. All  these things give him a sense of purpose, and staying fit and active with the help of our Wellness Centre enables him to live his healthiest life.”

We all want the best for our loved ones, and seeing Tony thriving fills his daughter Bronwyn’s heart with pride.

“My father is the happiest and healthiest he’s ever been and it’s all due to the fantastic care he gets every day at Bathurst Riverview Care Community,” says Bronwyn.

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