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Always looking forward- how anticipation benefits residents' wellbeing

29th July 2022 | 2 mins
Anticipation Benefits Resident Wellbeing

Having a cuppa with a friend. Sharing a joke and a laugh with someone like-minded. The power of having something to look forward to cannot be underestimated!

We all need things to look forward to in life. For our residents and team, their relationships with one another are often a source of anticipation and happiness. Each day in our Care Communities we look for ways to bring our residents joy and encourage human connection.

Wellbeing and the power of anticipation

Anticipation is an important part of life. It can be both energising and a powerful motivator to help us manage the ups and downs of everyday life. Research tells us that having something to look forward to benefits wellbeing and mental health:

  • Anticipation can make us feel optimistic because it helps us focus on possibilities.
  • It can be a pleasant distraction, filling us with excitement as we think about these potential experiences.
  • It can motivate us when we feel like giving up, teaching us that if we’re patient we can experience a greater reward.
  • It can add meaning to our lives because we’re imagining a brighter future.

As we age, anticipation becomes even more important to wellbeing. It becomes less about big occasions and more about moments of joy that can happen on any given day. Studies show that anticipating positive events is a convenient and powerful way to induce positive emotion, which in turn improves our ability to cope with stress.

For our residents, particularly those who have few visitors, anticipating the simple pleasures in life, such as arranging fresh flowers from the garden or having a piece of cake with a friend, enhances belonging and makes them feel valued.

The joy of friendship

Jemma and Bevan are “Meaningful Mates” at Alfred Cove Care Community in Perth. A perfect match who share the same cheeky sense of humour, they instantly bonded when Jemma started working at Alfred Cove and are now firm friends.

“I think Jemma is a nice, kind and thoughtful lady, who sometimes has her moments but don’t we all, ha-ha,” Bevan jokes.

“I’m very happy and grateful to have Jemma as my true meaningful mate”.

They enjoy teaching one another about the finer things in life and constantly share dad jokes. Jemma goes out of her way to make Bevan feel special, bringing him his favourite treats or small gifts.

Bevan framed a photo of them together which he proudly shows fellow residents and friends.

The importance of nurturing friendships between residents and carers is widely observed by our team, giving residents something to look forward to each day.

Some tips on how you can give a loved one in care something to look forward to:

  • If you can’t visit in person, send a message and a photo to a resident via our website.
  • Do they love fresh flowers? A few blossoms in a small jar can bring smiles and brighten up a bedroom next time you visit.
  • Special birthday or anniversary coming up? Talk with our team and set up a video call so all the family can send their best wishes to your loved one.
  • Pull out the family photo albums and bring one into page through with your loved one, reminiscing over happy memories can be a lovely way to spend time together.
  • Send a card via snail mail letting your loved one know you’re thinking of them.
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