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5 reasons why wellness programs benefit
our residents

1st July 2021 | 2 mins

Wellness Programs

  1. Wellness programs help residents maintain or improve mobility

    As we get older certain things happen to our bodies. Medical research shows that as a result of reduced physical activity we lose bone density, muscle strength and our joints begin to stiffen which is why exercise is so important. It has been proven that the physio-lead exercise program that our Wellness Centres offer have been able to reduce the rate at which this decline is experienced. In a recent study of residents who participated in our wellness programs; it was seen that 55% of residents improved their walking speed and that after six months of the program, residents’ mobility levels had been maintained, demonstrating the lasting effects that the Wellness Centre can have on our residents’ lives.

  2. Meaningful Life

    The Wellness Centre can provide meaning and purpose to our residents as it is a goal oriented program whereby residents and the Allied Health Professionals set specific goals and work to achieve them. The result is an environment that creates self fulfilment, happiness and motivation along with the physical and psychological benefits of being less reliant on others. The majority of participants have also reported that their confidence has also grown due to the Wellness Centre program. The longer we can encourage our residents to remain physically active, the longer they will benefit from an independent lifestyle.

  3. Social Engagement

    As well as the many physical benefits that can be achieved through our wellness programs, one of the most important outcomes is an improvement in wellbeing through socialising and connecting with others. The Wellness Centre environment is designed to promote a friendly and fun atmosphere, where residents can socialise with one another while engaging in their own program. Care Communities with direct external access to the Wellness Centre can act as a social hub with intergenerational mingling from members of the community, all working together to achieve their restorative goals.

  4. Integrated team and purpose built environment

    A major benefit of having our Allied Health team based on site within our Care Community, is that they become fully integrated into the care home team who look after the residents. This means there is constant and open communication between the two teams in regards to our residents’ preferences, medical history, etc which is very difficult to achieve with an offsite physiotherapist. This approach to wellbeing further supports our residents to be able to live their best life in our care. In addition, our custom-designed Wellness Centres’ are fitted out with specialist equipment for our residents to use anytime the centre is open making it easy for them to regularly exercise being guided the Allied Health professionals.

  5. Enhances quality time for our residents and relatives

    In a traditional arrangement where physiotherapists are visited off-site, a relative would need to pick up and drop off or arrange transport for our resident. This can be time consuming and in many cases becomes the focus of their visit rather than spending quality time together. However as the Care Community team manage all appointments and transfers for the Wellness Centre, visits from loved ones can be meaningful, connective and more relaxed. Furthermore, outings with relatives can be purely about having fun, visiting friends and family and enjoying each other’s company rather than attending appointments. This all adds to our residents’ wellbeing and overall quality of life.


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