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9th June 2021 | 2 mins

Margaret at Narrabeen Glades

Our wellness centre at Narrabeen Glades Care Community includes an in-home wellness centre, with expert physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists from our partner, HCA, providing personalised programs for residents to achieve mobility, independence or well being goals.

Since joining the program, Margaret has been more than keen to do exercises day in and day out. Prior to joining the program and coming to Narrabeen Glades Care Community, she had not been walking or doing any exercises. Since then, she has been putting in 100% effort in every session and has been making steady and crucial improvements each day.

Our first walk she could only walk 5 metres outside the room and required a lot of assistance as she was very unsteady. Now she is walking almost 5 times that distance, her balance has improved significantly and she is continuing to make progress! Congratulations to Margaret for being our All Star Ambassador, you are truly an all star! -Matthew Rusli, Senior Physiotherapist

The update on Margaret's progress first appeared in the April 2021 newsletter of our partners HCA

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