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Making new friends during Covid-19

7th October 2021 | 2 mins
intergenerational activities

As social beings, making new connections and maintaining old friendships brings meaning and enriches an individual’s life. It’s important for our wellbeing that we actively reach out to others and share our experiences as it improves both mental and physical health. Intergenerational activities and programs are a great way to find these opportunities.

Everyone has had to think differently about how we make new connections during Covid-19. Local primary school student, Summah, took the initiative to write a lovely letter to our residents at Sale Gardens Care Community. In the letter, she shared her experiences with lockdown as she was being home schooled and missed her school friends. Summah felt this could be something our residents might relate to, and wondered whether some of our residents would enjoy writing back to her and starting a new friendship.

Our resident, Liz, was delighted to receive Summah’s letter and decided to write back and add a little present. Liz who is very artistic, painted a beautiful picture of the beach so that she could share her passion with Summah.

Our team at Sale Gardens arranged for the two to meet in the Care Community, as they believed it would bring Liz joy to be able to give her painting to Summah in person. The two had a long chat and have struck up a lovely new friendship.

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