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Jim’s Story – an unexpected return to the airwaves

20th May 2020 | 5 min read

During Jim Fleming’s 43 year career in broadcasting, his breakfast show became something of an institution as his dulcet tones rang out across the regional Queensland airwaves each morning. Watch the video below. His charismatic manner and quick wit kept countless country families informed and entertained as they shared breakfast or got on with the chores of the day.

Jim on the radio

As a youngster, Jim always had the gift of the gab. Keen to direct their son’s talents, Jim’s parents sent the 16-year-old to radio broadcasting school. It was apparent right away that he had quite a prodigious talent and before long he landed his first gig on ABC Radio in the Queensland country town of Warwick.

Jim’s final career move brought him to Brisbane where he retired from 4BH in 1993. He shared that a welcome perk of retirement was the extraordinary luxury of being able to sleep in when the mood took him, together with being able to spend more time with wife Bobbie. Unfortunately, the idyllic retirement he’d hoped for was short-lived as a significant health setback meant that Jim had quite a battle on his hands. During his convalescence, Jim moved to Berrinba Greens Care Community (formerly Opal Greenfern Place) where he gradually regained his health and settled into his new community - but for Jim, there was something missing.

Learning of his former career, General Manager, Victoria South suggested that Jim may like to take over the home’s daily announcements. He took on his new role with relish and soon increased his daily shifts to four mornings a week, regaling residents and the team alike with news, weather, and events around the home. His honeyed tones emit from speakers around the home each shift and everyone looks forward to hearing what Jim has to say.

For his part, Jim is thrilled to be back on the airwaves. He says he still gets a kick from flicking the On the Air switch each shift and being able to bring together his community – it gives him purpose and a reason to get up each day. Jim has a real spark in his eye when he says, “I absolutely love it!”