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19th August 2021 | 2 min read
Playgroup WA

In 2020, Murdoch Gardens Care Community partnered with Playgroup WA, a community of mums and bubs seeking connection with older people.

Every Monday, Playgroup WA visits our Care Community to spend time with our residents. The program for the day usually begins with a meet and great, followed by story time, singalongs and finally morning tea.

We have seen time and time again the joy our residents find in connecting with younger generations. These friendly visits are also beneficial for community members, particularly for those who are missing the comfort of their families because they live far away.

Barbara, a much loved resident and former teacher has been involved in the partnership with Playgroup WA right from the start. As a resident leader, she takes charge and plans the sessions with Alicia, the leader of the playgroup. Barbara also reads stories to the children and gathers songs for everyone to sing along to. With Barbara’s family living outside of Western Australia, these relationships fill an important place in her life.

The playgroup has risen in popularity with the addition of the great grandchildren of a couple of our residents. Our team and residents at Murdoch Gardens Care Community are looking forward to welcoming more mums and bubs to the playgroup soon.

Playgroup WA

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