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Fingerprints bringing back memories

22nd January 2020 | 2 min

At 93 years of age, although no longer on active duty, former Chief Superintendent, Allan “Doc” Snow still clocks on each day at his specially equipped desk at Chiswick Manor. Doc is living with dementia and with the help of our lifestyle team and some special assistance from NSW Police, he still finds purpose in his days.


Delving into the details of his former career, our lifestyle team hit upon a creative way to ensure Doc continues to lead a meaningful life. As an expert in the analysis of fingerprints, Doc is recognised for his significant contribution to NSW forensic policing practices.  With the help of Doc’s family and the Fingerprint Operations team at NSW Police, our team was able to set up a workstation full of the familiar tools Doc used throughout his long and distinguished career.

Detective Senior Sergeant Wayne Miller was delighted when he was contacted by our team at Chiswick Manor and jumped at the chance to help out with the equipment Doc needed in order to get to work. "We sent them a comprehensive exam and found some period correct posters and envelopes that he would be very familiar with, and a retired officer's badge. Now he pins the badge on every morning and gets to work" Sergeant Miller said.

Our care team has noticed quite a change in Doc since he’s been spending time each day at his desk. General Manager, Damien Rosengren shared, “it has really given him something to focus on”.

Recently, Doc and his family were invited to NSW Police Headquarters where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with current forensic techniques. As a special honour, Doc presented a new fingerprinting specialist graduate with his badge. It was a poignant moment to witness NSW’s most senior fingerprinting specialist congratulate its most recent graduate.

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