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BlueCross Western Gardens

Located in the bustling western suburb of Sunshine, BlueCross Western Gardens is a delightful Care Community with the greenery of Kororoit Creek, shops and amenities nearby. The Care Community features several dining rooms and self-serve kitchenettes, creating a warm and welcoming sense of community living for all residents. Enjoy the multiple sitting areas or the bright lounge area reading the day’s papers or completing a crossword. And if you prefer some private time alone, BlueCross Western Gardens offers a number of quiet sitting areas. Outdoor patios are also available if you wish to enjoy some fresh air or sunshine.

BlueCross Western Gardens bedroom options

BlueCross Western Gardens
Not Actual Room

Type: Single Size: 17-25m2

1 Bed
You have 3 payment options:
Option 1
Pay the full lump sum of $525,000
Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). It’s refundable when you leave
Option 2
Pay a full daily amount of $120.25
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is billed monthly
Option 3
A combination of RAD & DAP
Enter a lump sum amount below (the more you add, the lower your DAP will be)
Enter a lump sum amount below
Your daily amount will be
$120.25 Per Day
Plus a means tested daily care fee and the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR)

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