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A pot of joy at the end of the rainbow

15th January 2024 | 4 min read
belmore place

The best detective stories ride on the thrill of the chase, and bring us home with a deeply satisfying conclusion. Some also remind us how a sense of belonging is so important for our wellbeing, especially as we age.

For Meleane, Wellbeing Manager at Belmore Place Care Community, five simple words sparked a year-long search, with a priceless discovery that brought joy to resident Lynette’s life. 

The tale started in January 2023, over a cup of coffee and a chat.

”Lynette was sharing some great stories of her life, and one struck me as especially significant for her,” recalls Meleane. “She told me how she came from a long line of Freemasons, and that she was a proud Rainbow girl – a member of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Her face lit up as the memories of her past became fresh in her mind once again.”

“Over the years, she had misplaced or lost almost all of her certificates and personal documents, but Lynette’s unwavering commitment to community service through her Freemasonry background was still evident, and strong.” 

“She finished her story by saying ‘If only I had proof.’ This became my goal – to get Lynette the proof she needed.”  

Meleane got to work, exchanging phone calls and emails with various branches of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls’ United Grand Lodge. In June, the Lodge told Meleane they had found records for Lynette’s father.

“Lynette was overjoyed,” says Meleane. “But it wasn’t enough. We had records for her father but what about Lynette? I got in touch with the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls branch in Adelaide, and they agreed to take up the search.”

“In late November, I opened my inbox to find an email saying ‘I think we’ve found her.’ Lynette’s name, date of birth, location of initiation, and initiation year all matched. I responded immediately, in caps: ‘YES, THIS IS HER!’”

Despite her excitement, Meleane could only share the news with Lynette once she had tangible proof – “something she could hold on to” as Meleane says. 

In early December, that proof finally came: Lynette’s certificate of membership, all the way from The International Temple, Supreme Assembly, Order of the Rainbow for Girls Headquarters in McAlister, Oklahoma.

After all these years, Lynette has proof of her membership to a group that brought her so much joy. And Lynette and Meleane share a tale that’s up there with any Sherlock Holmes mystery!