Client Services Officer

28th September 2020 | 4 mins

Moving into aged care can be overwhelming for many individuals. As our Client Services Officer, Pritpal helps our residents to transition from the hospital or home into aged care.

Pritpal is an excellent example of a team member who has transitioned from the banking & finance sector into aged care as a Client Service Officer. He easily transferred his professional business, finance, and sales skills into aged care and has been very successful in his role.

Having completely changed his career, he says he enjoys working in a supportive environment where he can share feedback and ask questions. For Pritpal, the most rewarding part of his role is seeing the smiles on residents’ faces as they settle into their new home.

Transitioning into aged care allows you to give something back to our elders and the community and through it you are making a meaningful difference.

We are constantly seeking candidates from the relevant business sectors who hold the transferable skills to fill opportunities such as General Managers, Head Chefs, General Services Officers, Lifestyle Officers, and more. 

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