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Information for Visitors - COVID-19 protocols

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Opal HealthCare is following the Commonwealth government's National COVID-19 Health Management Plan for 2023 for infection control and prevention practices. 

That means our policies and protocols for COVID-19 and other respiratory infections align with the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH). 

The DoH has updated its advice on the wearing of PPE for infection control and prevention practices.

Therefore, effective Wednesday 13 September 2023 the following applies across our Care Communities:

When there is no outbreak or exposure of COVID-19 or other Acute Respiratory Infection:

  • Team and Visitors are no longer required to wear masks in Care Communities.
  • Team continues to undertake daily Rapid Antigen Testing
  • Regular visitors are to undertake Rapid Antigen Testing every 72 hours or when symptomatic 
  • Infrequent visitors or contractors to undertake Rapid Antigen Testing every 24 hours
  • Anyone with a positive Rapid Antigen Test result must stay home until they are asymptomatic and have a negative test result

During a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure:

When caring for residents with COVID-19

  • Team are required to wear N95, eye protection, and PPE 
  • Visitors are required to wear N95 mask and eye protection

When caring for residents with other Acute Respiratory Infection

  • Surgical masks are to be worn by Team and Visitors

We thank all of our visitors for your continued support and cooperation as we do our best to care for our residents, team, and community.

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