Moving In

Moving In

Everything you need to know about moving in

Moving into aged care can be a stressful time so we will always do our best to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Here are some of the usual key steps involved in moving into one of our Care Communities:

  1. It’s preferable to complete as much of the paperwork as possible before your move so that your move-in day can be just about you and helping you settle into your new home. It’s also important that you have time to read through all the documents, agreements and forms so that you don’t feel rushed in any way.

  2. If you’re able to come and meet with us before you move in, or alternatively on your move-in day, we will ask you to complete the Resident Agreement. The Resident Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms of your residency, your rights and responsibilities and also those of Opal HealthCare as your aged care provider. The Resident Agreement also details information relating to your financial obligations. It is important that you take the time to read and fully understand the Resident Agreement, including any schedules that form part of the Residential Agreement before you sign it.

    The Care Communities administrative officer will be able to help you if you’re unsure about any of the terms of the Resident Agreement. You may also want to seek independent legal advice.

  3. We will provide you with many of the furnishings you need including a bed, linen, bedside table, over-bed table, chair and cupboard space, however you may like to bring some of your own things to make it feel like home. In your Welcome Pack, you’ll find a copy of our Welcome Home guide, which details everything you need to know about life in your new home. Your Welcome Pack will also include a list of suggested items to bring with you into care as well as other useful information about preparing for your move.

    Taking a look at our moving in guide here

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Commonly asked questions about Opal

  • Yes, laundry services are provided in all our homes. We offer a complimentary labelling service so that your clothes are clearly labelled and can be returned to you as quickly as possible. Please ask a team member to arrange labelling of any newly acquired items prior to the items being used to ensure they do not go missing.  If you prefer a labelling option other than the one provided at the home, we may ask you or your representative to make arrangements, and to cover any additional costs. As we use industrial laundry machines, we recommend that delicate items of clothing be hand-washed by you or a family member or friend.

  • If you would like a private telephone, please speak with the General Manager to determine whether the home is able to provide you with a phone or other ways to stay connected to your family and friends. You may be asked to cover the costs of installation as well as rental of the landline. You are also welcome to bring your own mobile phone and charger if you prefer.

  • Yes, we support every resident to maintain social continence, where continence may be compromised. Following a comprehensive assessment, our nurses will allocate the appropriate high-quality disposable products as part of our care and services.  If you have a personal preference for a brand or if your doctor prescribes a continence aid that is not provided by us, these must be supplied and paid for by you or your representative.

  • No, you don’t need to have an Enduring Power of Attorney to move into an Opal home however we encourage you to consider appointing a trusted family member or friend to help manage your affairs and/or make health, medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you are no longer capable of doing this for yourself.  If you would like to explore these options, the General Manager in the home can refer you to relevant resources.

  • At Opal, we value your thoughts and the opportunity to work with you to resolve any issues you may have. That’s why you’ll find it easy to raise a complaint, make a suggestion, share a compliment or just have your say.

    Here are some simple avenues to provide your feedbacks:

    1. Speak to a team member in your home.  This is often the fastest and easiest way to communicate your feedback and to resolve an issue.
    2. Arrange a time to speak with the General Manager in your home either in person or by phone.  Our General Managers appreciate the opportunity to work with you to action your feedback.
    3. You can submit your feedback using the online form or by calling 1800 767 074 and your feedback will be routed to the most appropriate manager and you will receive a reference number for tracking purposes.

    If you feel that your issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may call 1800 767 074 and request an internal review from a senior member of our Opal Support Team.